What is Tuckshop?

Tuckshop is an online ordering system for canteen lunches. Allowing lunch orders to be placed online and thus streamlining the process for both parents and the school canteen.

Online Canteen Ordering System

  • Simple online lunch ordering for parents
    Tuckshop has been built with ease of use in mind for both parents and schools
  • Streamlined Process for canteens
    Digitising the lunch order workflow inspires efficiency improvements across all operations
  • Reduce cash handling
    Ordering online removes the need for the canteen and students to carry excessive amounts of cash

Tuckshop Features

Online Ordering

Parents are able to order student lunches online via our simple checkout process.

Order in Advance

Ordering lunches in advance means parents can take care of lunches when it suits them.

Food categorisation

Food menu items feature labels which indicate the health and allergen rating of products.

Bulk Label Export

Lunch labels are generated and exported in bulk, eliminating transcription errors.


Integrate Tuckshop with a wide range of Accounting Software.

Multi Student Support

Parents can manage and order for multiple children.

We’re well connected

Tuckshop seamlessly integrates with the worlds leading software systems

Why choose Tuckshop?

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the time taken to manually process daily lunch orders.
  • Our streamlined reporting system seamlessly integrates with any accounting platform, enabling real time synchronization of orders and products.
  • Categorise foods to clearly portray nutrition information and dietary requirements such as Gluten Free or Halal.
  • The ability to quickly reorder past meals coupled with securely saved payment methods presents an attractive level of convenience for parents.
  • Ordering online eliminates the need to handle cash, decreasing the amount of cash on hand and ensuring the accuracy of transactions.
  • Eliminate transcription errors when processing orders and payments with our streamlined label printing.


Standard Plan

Your revenues get directly deposited into your account, we then charge a tiny percentage based on the sales you made.

2% + Payment gateway fees

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